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With DataSuite for Act! it is really easy to convert your Act! notes to histories. This process will require EXPORT|IT and IMPORT|IT addons and SERVICE|IT addon in case you would like to run these tasks on a regular basis.

First of all you need to export your Act! notes with help of EXPORT|IT addon. When exporting notes you need to define „Notes“ as exporter and choose the fields you need to have exported in your notes. Please ensure you export ID field as this field will be used to link exported data:


Exporting Notes

Now you have your Act! notes in a separate CSV file. If you have attachments, the paths to their files are exported from Act!

To start importing your notes as histories, please create a schema in IMPORT|IT with the „Histories“ type. When importing histories there are three important steps which you need to follow:

1. Map the fields you would like to import. If you have attachments you need to map them here, on the Easy Mapping Tab:

Mapping Histories

2. Now you need to link these Histories with your Act! Contacts or Companies. You can do this on the Parent Record Identification tab:

Parent Record Identification

Please be attentive when selecting a logical operator. If you have histories both for contacts and companies, the operator should be „OR“. Otherwise you need to define only one parent, e.g. Contact or Company.

If you define the logical operator incorrectly or map wrong fields which cannot be used for identifying records, you will get an error message that no parent was found.


3. Since we are importing data exported from notes and the file contains no data required to set the correct History type, we’d need to set on the History Settings tab a default History type which will be displayed for all our imported notes:

History Type

That’s it!. In case you need to run these tasks on a recurrent basis, you can configure them with help of SERVICE|IT addon.

Information about Data|Suite editions is available on our website.