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To connect the Kentix AlarmManager with your AXIS Camera and start a process like recording a video after becoming an alarm you can doing the following steps.

Note that this guide refers to an AXIS M3024-L but should be similar with other models.


Camera setup:

  • Open the AXIS Setup Interface via your webbrowser by entering http://YOUR_CAMERA_IP/ as address.
  • Enable access to the camera
    Enable access to the camera
  • Create a new Action rule 
    Create a new Action rule/event
  • Give an appropriate name [1] and ensure that the new rule is active [2] 
  • Choose Input Trigger as trigger source [3a] and Manual Trigger as type [3b] 
    The trigger must be active [3c] 
  • Select a time range within your event should be work [4]. Always is certainly a good choice. 
  • Additional conditions are not needed for this rule [5] 
  • Select Record Video as action type [6a] and within the Stream profile popup list the quality for this video [6b] 
  • Cause Kentis can only send an command after an alarm occurs but no command after this alarm is quitted or a specific time is elapsed the duration of the recorded video must be declared within the AXIS setup: 
    Within the section Duration activate Pre-trigger time [7a] and Post-trigger time [7c] and set the times the video should be recorded before and after an alarm occurs. 
    Be sure the function While the rule is active is disabled [7b]. Otherwise every recording must be manually end. 
  • At last choose a place where the recordings should be saved [8].
    Define Axis rule/event
  • If you want to use a network share, you must define this within „System Options“ -> „Storage“ -> „Network Share“. 
    By example a share like \\YOUR_HOST_OR_IP\axis must be registered this way: 

    Go to Network Share settings:
    Go to Network Share settings

    Enter your settings (Host and Share without leading or trailing slashes!)
    Enter network share settings

 Kentix ControlCenter setup:

  • Log into your ControlCenter
  • Opening Settings -> Advanced…
  • Jump to tab Network cameras
    Enter your Camera Name, the IP Adresse and Port with which your camera can reached within the network and the HTTP Command
    Network cameras settings
    Via the button labelled with a small hook you can test the connection. Alternately you can open your webbrowser and type

    as address.
  • Don’t forget to save the new settings
    Save new settings

From now on your Axis camera will be triggered if a Kentix alarm occurs.