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If you are not sure if you can reach our licensing server for registring one or more addons, you can simply check that by entering the following URL into your Browser:

Step 1: Open your browser (in our case google chrome)

licence test


2. Enter the url listed above, if you see this Website everything is correctly configured:licence 2 test successful


3. If you do not see this Website, please make sure you have a internet connection and no proxy or firewall is blocking your pc. in most cases, we can see that users who are claiming problems have a personal firewall that blocks programs from building a internet connection.

4. if you see the page, but your addon can still not reach the licenceing server, then you are probably using a Proxy or your antivirus that will not allow a App to use the internet.  In that case, you need to build an exception to allow our addon to use the internet. 

5. we did also find that some ISP´s have issues, in that case we recomend to try the registration process via a different ISP (i.e. at your home, or at a other location)