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There are 3 points to check to make sure that your Fetch|IT setup is working correctly:

1. The service events appear in the list after the Fetch|IT task has been executed.

Service Events

Thus you can make sure that the Service runs Fetch|IT tasks as planned. If there are no events – check the configuration of the task and make sure that the task is active. Another source of the problem could be that the Service runs as a Local System, not a user. In this case, you will get a warning each time you go to Tasks tab. Just read the warning and follow its instructions to supply the correct credentials. Here is the image of how the service should look in the  list of active services:

Import Service

2. Check the Fetch|IT working directory to see if the CSV files appear.

In each Fetch|IT schema, a working directory must be specified. Fetch|IT creates a CSV file every time it runs and finds e-mails that pass Fetch|IT schema filters. If the files are not created, it means that either the filter has some wrong setup or the e-mails are not coming, or Fetch|IT cannot access the mailbox. If this is the case, check your Fetch|IT schema.

3. Check if the records are created/updated in Act! as expected.

In this part you have to know for sure what the goals of your Fetch|IT process are, and how to verify them. The import schemas which you have defined, are using the template CSV file which was created when Fetch|IT schema was first created. You can simply rename one of the latest CSV files in the Fetch|IT working folder and make it be the template. AFTER you have renamed the file, you can open an Import schema, run it and see the report. If the results are not what you are expecting, then you need to adjust the Import schema. If the Import schema is working properly in the Import, but not in the Fetch|IT – make sure that the Import schema is specified in the list of import schemas for a Fetch|IT task in the Service part:

Fetch|IT Service Schema - List of Import Schemas