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While CSV is a industrie Standard, there are still a lot of options that must be considerd wihle working with CSV files. Unfortunanly the Wizzard of Excel is not very helpfull when it comes to open data that is stored in CSV format. 


we did find a bunch of solutions that should help to open CSV files, one is a  good explanation for excel 2007 and below, that should help you to open/work with the CSV file


For Excel 2010 and higer there is no real solution if you have line breaks,  as Excel2010 can not handle CSV files with line-breaks correctly. If you found a solution for this, let us know, so we can update this KB


other than that we allways recomend to consider a professional CSV Tool, you can download the trial at this Page

Openoffice can i.e. handle CSV files correctly, but installing openOffice for only this reason might be a bit of a overkill