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There are several ways to make bakups of your Act! database. In this article we will cover different ways of making backups:

1. The first option is to make a backup using built into Act! functionality: File / Back Up. A detailed instruction for this is available in Swiftpage Knowledge Base

2. If you would like to make recurrent automated back ups of your Act! database, you can do this with help of SERVICE|IT addon for Act!. A detailed instruction for creating a back up schema is available here.

Act! database back up

3. If for some reason you cannot make a back up using Act! functionality, you can also copy your database files. In this case, you’d need to shutdown the Service SQL Server (ACT7) , then you can copy the 2 files  that contain your database (databasename).ADF & (Databasename).ALF.  And if you also copy the folder with the database name, then you have a backup of the full database.

4. You can also hire a consultant to assist you with resolving your Act! related issues.