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Note: We also have an how to video here.


There are only a few steps needed to activate your Addon’s demo license.


For better visualization I will demonstrate the activation with our Outreach|IT addon.

1. After the download and the installation of the addon you get a few options like in the picture below


After downloading and installing the addon you receive a few options like the ones shown below.

Depending on whether the addon was made by us or by one of our partners there are differences in how you get to this window.


The easiest way to start the configuration is by starting Act! and then choosing “tools” and then “CRMADDON Factory Addons”

Choose the option „Evaluation“ and continue with „Next


2. Fill in the whole form and request a demo code by clicking on „Request code“ 

Your 32-figure code will be sent to the e-mail adress you have provided (marked yellow). You can type the code into the request code field (red marked).


3. Now you can configure your proxy  settings and continue with „Next„.


4. Now you are asked to activate your license online. By clicking on “Activate Now” your demo license will be activated online. 


5. You may now use the 14 days free trialversion.