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CRM Addon has 4 different Support Options.

1. Free support

All our addons come with unlimited free support. To provide efficient support services we need to get as much information from customers as possible. This can be done through all our addons, which have the feature which lets you create a ticket via the addon. This way we will be able to get enough needed data, like Act! version, logfiles etc. In addition, it is important to have the latest version of the addon installed.

We’d like to get the folowing information from our users:

  • information about working environment
  • clear steps which we can follow to reproduce the issue
  • other related to the issue data,  such as a backup of the database, (empty or full, depending on the problem)
  • screenshots that explain exactly the issue/request

As soon as we get enough information, we will provide recommendations which will help to solve the issue. A remote support is NOT  included to the free support. Tickes with free support are normaly responded next business day, latest 2 business days. The respond will probably contain a link to our manuals, or KB articles

Our free support cannot be used for questions like „pls show me how i can import this attached data“ this would be the Premium support as it is Consulting work.


2. Premium Support 

For all our addons, as long as for Act!, SalesLogix, SugarCRM and any other products we are selling,  we also offer Premium Support, this includes Remote sessions, development and any support that can be done Remotely, (without beeing on Site). The Premium support must be purchased upfront, and the customer will be informed before the Premium support time is used up, so that he could decide to purchase a new package or not. The packages offered are from one Hour up to 20 hours, the price is from 120€ per hour down to 72,50€ per hour, depending on the amount of hours purchased upfront. An owner of Premium Support units can call, and expect a technican to help him right away, it may happen that we will ask him to call later or return the call. Normaly the session starts at the same day. Still we recommend, to create a ticket, as we then can look at the request, and decide who can help better and keep the response time as short as possible. 

if i.e. the customer purchases 5h support, then any call will at least deduct 15min of his Support Balance, if i.e. the call takes 10 min, this will remove 15min, and if the call takes i.e. 40 min, it will deduct 45min of your support Balance. The Support balance will not expire, so if you only used 3h of the purchased 5hours the other 2h can be used at any time later for any question regarding the CRM system or any addons available with us. 

3. Install-Service

If you would like us to install the software (once or several times (i.e. you did rebuild your PC)) you can order our install service, this is a flat fee for a single install, and we ask you to use the chat or to call when the payment is made, and we will let you know when a supporter is online and able to do the job for you. This is normaly between 7.00am and 6.00pm Cental European Time (11.00 am EST).  If you need us out of this timeframe, let us know via the Ticketing System and we will be more than happy to arrange more suitable time. Please note that the service for the Install-Service requires us to login to your PC, install the software, check if the software is working as designed. If you have questions regarding the Configuration of addons we will be happy to try to point you in the right direction, but by default this would be Premium Support, and cannot be handled during the Install-Service. If there is missing software on your PC, like i.e. Dot.Net frame-work, Tapi driver, Scan driver and other needed software, our support will try to help you, but we might need your IT guy (or Phone guy) to handle this. 


4. ACC on Site Support

When an ACC is on Site, and it is before 11am Central, and you sold the addon to your customer,  please call us, select the premium support, and ask for Ingo Lange, we will be more than happy to help you with your customer. 



Our office is open from Monday till Friday from 7.00am till 6.00pm CET time, this equals till 11.00am Central. During this time, we allways have at least one technican and at least one developer in our office. If you need assistance after 11.00am Central, please use the ticketing system to create an appointment. We would ask you to suggest at least 2 different appointments, and as close to our standard office opening times as possible. 

How to contact us

  • the best way to contact us is via the Ticketing System. We have 6 persons on staff that control the ticketing system, also during the weekend, so this will give you the fastest response time posible.
  • we are proud to provide ongoing free support for all our add-ons but as you can understand this can only work via the ticketing system
  • you can also try the online chat and if there is someone online, we will be more than happy to help
  • Phone calls, are possible for Sales questions and Premium Support customers. You can use our Phone numbers listed on our Webpage, we have a phone number in Australia, in the US, UK and Germany. All lines are normal Landlines, so no additional fees apply. The line is normaly open from 6.00am till 8.00pm German Time, (till 1.00pm Central)