Telefon DE: +49-8282-800-400 Telefon AT: +43-7322-370-202 Telefon CH: +41-41-5210-100

How is DIAL|IT going to read out our numbers?
DIAL|IT is able to access all “Phone” fields, no matter if it are 5 or 50.

Are the use of “ “ blank spaces, “-“  dashes, and parenthesis “(  )” a problem?
We ignore all blank spaces, dashes and parenthesis, the only thing that we do not handle is text (ie. 800addonst).

How about the National and Country codes?
If the numbers are imported right (this can be done i.e. with import basic) so that the country code is inserted correctly, then DIAL|IT will add the 011+the country code+number without the leading 0 as this leads to errors in dialing in most countrys.

Also, what format should we adopt on our open fields?
We do not really care, the only characters that can cause issues are / \  as this can be misinterpreted by the search, and you must use the “phone” fields.