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You own already a HHC Account and use it with an existing phone. You bought a new phone and now want to install HHC to ONLY your new phone. Please proceed with the step by step guide described below.


Updating HHC Account

1. Uninstall Handheld Contact from your old phone. Uninstall the App.
2. After that go to: and login at the top right of the homepage.
3. On the left side you’ll find a Button „Edit Account“
4. Change your device from your old one to the new one.
5. Klick on Update account information.


Updating HHC Server Appliance

1. Open HHC on your server or PC (update if necessary)
2. Select the account you want to change and press Sync Now button on the left hand side.
    Wait until the Sync is finished. Then close HHC.
3. Open the Application again and on the left side above the Sync Now button you will see a line
    that displays, that it is now syncing with „*phone* Standalone…“.
4. Klick on Maintenance and choose Resend All Data to Handheld. Select your account and press Send All.
5. Choose Yes to the warning that appears.


Install HHC onto Android

1. Go to your native internet browser and visit:
2. This will take you to the Google Play Application. After that you will be