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Are you not able to show your notes if you are using Handheld Contact on Ipad?

This is a common problem by Handheld Contact. This problem will be solved with the next update.

Until then kindly proceed as follows:

a.) Please open the contact which contains the note you would like to see.

b.) Press the button „Activities“.

c.) Are there already tasks in the list? If not, please create one, a „fake“ call or meeting would be enough.

d.) Please open the tasks‘ list or calendar view after you have saved the activity.

e.) Please click on the „fake activity“ you have already created or any other task assigned to this contact. Under the point „planned with“ should be of course just under this contact. Please click this entry.

f.) Now you come to the contact’s details, for which the activity is planned. Please press the tap „Notes“

g.) Select the required Note – you can now view it.