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If you are experiencing a problem with the automatic call function in ACT!, it may occur if there was the following scenario in the past.
Your ACT! Database was exported from ACT!6 to an higher version of ACT!.


To make calls over ACT! and with checking the Number personally there may accour Problems. 

When the customer converted a ACT!6 database to a higher database and he did have area codes longer then 3 character it might have issues.
So 4 digits may work 5 digits do not work at all and the reason is, that ACT while converting is not able to do the convertation correct. So the number is show correct in ACT!, but in the Table that is used for inbound/outbound calls, (not shown to the customer) digits in between are missing this results in:
The built in ACT dialer will not dial the missing digits so if you want to call peter and his number is (01234) 567890 the dailer will not dial the 34. Dial-it will not find a inbound caller ID (same reason as it is using this Table where the number is missing (4) this repair is deleting the number, saving the contact, and pasting the number back in, and this will refresh the table and fix the entry for this number.


It is only possible to use this function with a registered Dial|IT Standard.


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