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How can I use Export|IT with my ACT! for Web database?

If you want to export data out of your ACT! for Web database you have 2 possibilities to do that.

  1. You have to be logged in on the server where your ACT! Windows is installed. Therefor you need control over the server, maybe you have to ask your administrator how to get control rights. If you have access to the server, you can easily start your ACT! windows application and start Export|IT. 

  2. You can also make a backup of your database and do a ‚Restore As‚ on a local machine. On this local machine ACT! has to be installed. If you make a ‚Restore As‚ please note that you can not restore your database under the same name. Please rename your database. After that start this database and you can export the data out of the ACT! windows application with Export|IT.