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HandheldContact makes it possible to synchronize contacts, activities, histories and much more so you can use your Act! database on your mobile phone wherever and whenever you like.
All data is stored locally on your phone. This is one of the key features of HandheldContact. This feature makes it possible to work offline with your Act! information.
All data is encrypted and is working with the european data protection laws.

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HandheldContact is currently not able to identify incoming calls. This is why you need to use a little trick to see incoming caller IDs. The workarroud for this issue is to export your HandheldContact contacts to your local address book of your mobile device.
When you export your contacts to your address book  all contacts and phone numbers will be saved in your address book and the name and number will be shown when the contact is calling.

How to export contacts to your address book:

1. Open HandheldContact on your mobile device

2. Make sure you’ve synced your data before exporting your contacts. (just to make sure all contacts are up to date)

3. Choose the „Import/Export“ option in the main menu. 

4. Select the „Export Contacts“ button and then again „Export contacts“.

5. It could be possible that, depending on your operating system, your mobile device is asking for the permission to get access to your contacts

HandheldContact will now try to export all your contacts with all necessary information like the address and the number and so on.

Now you have the opportunity to sync a specific amount of contacts with your car.


Please take note of the fact that, depending on the brand of your car you are able to synchronize around 1000 contacts from your address book with your car.

If you have any questions regarding this you can contact our technical support. We are happy to help you.

You can call us on one of the following numbers:

Australia: +61 879 0571-13 | USA: +1 208 56192-34| Canada: +1 888 99228-89| UK: +44 203 86825-78

Please feel free to submit a ticket too.