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  • You get this error message when logging into one or more Act! workstations. 

Act! problem solving:

Error with logging into the database: [Server name] computer and [Database name] database were found. You are not authorized to access [Server name] computer in the directory. You’d probably need to allow configuring file and printer sharing in your [Server name] computer firewall. We’d also suggest double checking your Windows user rights, this may also help in resolving the issue.


In this situation there can be different reasons for this issue. Please check the following recommendations and follow them to fix and resolve this issue. 

  1. Check in your network adapter if configuring file and printer sharing is activated
  2. Temporary disable firewall.
  3. Check the directory access rights, so that anyone could read and write.
  4. Sync date and time to the client. Should there be any difference, we can offer you an NTP Server and sync this for all servers and clients. This issue can also take place on virtual machines when different date and time are set on the used hosts on VM stations.