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When you try to start Act! you receive the following error message:

An exception occurred while initializing module ‚SocialMediaModule‘.

– The exception message was: The type initializer for ‚Act.Shared.WebServiceIntegration.ServiceProvider‘ threw and exception.

– The Assembly that the module was trying to be loaded from was:Act.UI.SocialMedia, Version=, Culture=neutral, PublicKeyToken=ebf6b2ff4d0a08aa.

Check the InnerException property of the exception for more information. If the exception occured while creating and object in a DI container, you can exception.GetRootException() to help locate the root cause of the problem.

This problem only seems to occur with a specific windows user. If you log into another user Act! is starting without any problems.

The solution for this issue is to rename the „user.config“ file. You can find this file in the following path:


Simply rename this file to „userOLD.config„. If you restart Act! the „user.config“ file will appear in the folder again. Try now to start Act!.The Error doesn’t appear anymore.


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