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Life span of Act! addons and Act! version support

For software the lifetime of the individual versions is not unlimited. For the Act! addons this also depends on the Act! version. New functions and features are developed constantly. The addons have to be adjusted to the updates of the operating systems as well. Out of these reasons new software versions of the CRM software Act! and its addons are released continuously and older versions are discontinued after a while.

End of Life (EOL) and End of Support (EOS) for Act! addons

Act! addon life span

Our addons are always maintained for the three most recent Act! versions. If your Act! version is discontinued the respective addon is discontinued as well. This applies to Act! v18 (status: 01.12.2018), for example. You can still use discontinued versions of Act! and the respective addons as long as they run on your operating system. However, we do not provide any support and software maintenance anymore for those discontinued versions.

Support of Act! versions

Addons for Act! are always supported for the three latest Act! versions. Right now (status: 20.12.2018) these are the versions Act! v19, v20 and v21. For older Act! versions no support can be provided.

The End of Life (EOL) or End of Support (EOS) of an Act! addon depends on the Act! Obsolescence Policy by Swiftpage.

Act! v21                              claims to support until 30 November 2021

Act! v20                              claims to support until 30 November 2020

Act! v19                              claims to support until 30 November 2019

Act! v18                              was discontinued in November 2018

Act! v17                              was discontinued in November 2017

Act! v16                              was discontinued in November 2016

Sage ACT! 2013 (15.x)         was discontinued in November 2015

Sage ACT! 2012 (14.x)         was discontinued in June 2015

Sage ACT! 2011 (13.x)         was discontinued in September 2014

ACT! by Sage 2010 (12.x)     was discontinued in October 2014

ACT! by Sage 2009 (11.x)     was discontinued in October 2013

ACT! by Sage 2008 (10.x)     was discontinued in October 2013

ACT! by Sage 2007 (9.x)       was discontinued in October 2013

ACT! 2006 (8.x)                   was discontinued in October 2013

ACT! 2005 (7.x) s                 was discontinued in October 2013

ACT! v6                               was discontinued in 2007


Update possibilities for Act! addons

Addons for Act! are registered once for the Act! version available during the installation. As long as you stay with this Act! version you receive updates for your addon for free. Please note that only the last two Act! versions are supported for our addons. In case you decide to change your Act! version you can take a look at the prices for a new licensing of the addons in the matrix below. You only have to pay the percentage of the sales price that is valid right now.

from Act! version to Act! version Act! v15 and older Act! v16 Act! v17 Act! v18 Act! v19 Act! v20
Act! v19 90 % 60 % 45 % 30 %
Act! v20 90 % 75 % 60 % 45 % 30 %
Act! v21 90 % 90 % 75 % 60 % 45 % 30 %
  • within 60 days: free updates after the initial purchase of the next! Act! version
  • within 90 days: 15 % of the current list price for an upgrade after the initial purchase of an Act! version (for example Act! v20 to Act! v21)

If you upgrade from an addon edition to a higher edition (e.g. from Basic to Advanced) the previously purchased edition will be credited. However, we still charge a 15 % upgrade fee. Please contact us regarding this.

Price example for an upgrade

At the moment you have 5 addon licenses for Act! version v18.

Now you import the Act! update for Act! v21.

The addon that is currently in use is not compatible with the new Act! version anymore. You will now have to purchase the update for all of your addon licenses.

The price per update license for this addon is 60 % of the graduated price for 5 licenses.

Do you have any questions regarding the life cycle of the Act! addons?


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