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If you have installation problems or problems with starting an Addon, please follow these instructions:

   1. At first, please close ACT! and uninstall Addon, also the CRMADDON DevExpress and CRMADDON GeneralFiles for Addon’s, you will find all of this in the „Software“ list when using Add / Remove programs utility.

   2. Go to your Documents folder and delete everything from CRMADDON.

   3. Delete also CRMADDON DialIT, CRMADDON RepGen and DevExpress* folders from CRMADDON in this path: C:\program files\Act\Act for Windows\Plugins

   4. Delete the dependentDlls.xml file of ACT!.

       The file is located approximately in C:\Users\Your User Name\AppData\Roaming\ACT\ACT Data, this path may vary depending on your user name and OS.  Removing  this file will not cause any system issues as it is recreated each time ACT! is started. This file contains DLLs ACT! for some reason had issues with (update of ACT, busy PC (timeout) busy hard disk (timeout)), removing DependentDlls.xml file will let those DLLs to be used in a normal way

          You may refer to the following sources, explaining this in more details:

   5. In case old icons were not removed, please remove them, refer to the following article for instructions.

   6. Maybe a restart of your PC will be required.

   7. Install the newest version of the Addon from our Website.


We are always glad to help and recommend ordering our installation service in case on issues with installations.