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Some of our customers did receive the following problem:
When you hit call a contact, in the listed numbers at the top they are correct but down at the bottom where you hit call one of the numbers is incorrect therefore meaning the number is wrong.
This may be happening on a few contacts in Act! only on one or more PCs.
The first thing you need to know, is that this is not a issue in Dial|IT, it is a issue with your data. 
The contact is probably located in country X, but according to Act! the contact is located in country Y. 
There are several reasons for this:
1. The user record of the person who created the contact is not in the UK (or his data is not setup correctly) in that case the country should be selected before entering the phone number.
2. You are using different country names as Act!/Windows (they must match) 
3. You are using the country field for something else. 
for solving this issue there are different ways:
1. You need to fix the issues that cause the problem (1-3 as listed above)
2. Sometimes it is possible that you can fix this problem when you switch the country to a random country and then back to the country the conact is located. Don’t forget to save your steps.
3. Any user that sees a field like this must cut the number, correct the country, correct the country field in the phone field (by clicking on the button next to the phone field, save the contact, move away and return to the contact, and then paste the number. (any other process will not lead to the expected result)
4. Or order a database repair, send us your database on friday afternoon, and you will receive a repaired system latest on sunday evening. 
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