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In Windows you can find some default Tapi drivers. in most cases, your phone will not work with this drivers. only in very specific cases some rare phones will work with them but, in this case your Phone guy needs to configure the tapi driver.


  • AgileVPN
  • PPTP
  • RAS PPPoE Line
  • SSTP
  • WAN Miniport

if you only see this 5 tapi drivers, you probably do not have a working tapi envoirment. of course you can try to select them via phone.exe and test if you can dial. Pls contact your phone suppliyer for the right Tapi driver and how to configure it. 

a Tapi driver allways needs to be installed and configured, this normaly happens when you install the tapi driver provided by the Phone-company and when installed it will probably (depending on the setup) show up with the name of the phone device like 

  • snom line 1 (name of the device)
  • 112 (extension)
  • Ingo (name of the extension)