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If you would like to import some default product you need to import Opportunities first
of all and then import Extended Products. During the Extended Products import
you can specify custom expressions for such import in the Virtual Columns section.

 E.g.: You would like to import a default product if Stage field is set to “3”. To achieve
this you need to:

1. Import Opportunities

2. Create a separate schema for products import – select “Extended Products” as import type

3. Follow Virtual Columns tab where you can create a custom expression for import
condition and click “+” button to create such Custom Expression, name it and type
the following expression, where “default_product_name”, should be replaced with the required default product name: 

If(Equals(SourceField(„Stage“),3,0), “default_product_name”,
SourceField(“Product Name”))

It means a condition under which the system will import the default product if the stage is “3” and product from the Product Name field if the sage is not “3”.

On this tab it is possible to create fields for other default records, e.g. Price, Quantity, etc. Below is an example of an expression for Quantity:

If(Equals(SourceField(„Stage“),3, 0), “default_quantity”, SourceField(“Product

4. Now when you have created virtual fields you need to map them and other fields from the source file on the Easy Mapping tab:

5. If imported products are not created in your ACT! Database, you can create them by checking corresponding option “Create product if not exists” on the Misc Options tab:

6. Now the schema is ready and you can start import by clicking “Run” button for this schema on the Schemas tab.