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The Crypto Trojan WannaCry is on everyone’s lips. Within one day 200.000 Windows-computer worldwide were infected and the accessible data is encrypted.

The Crypto Trojan WannaCry beats

How can you protect yourself?

Before decrypting, this Trojan wants to see money in bitcoins form. A number of hospitals in England, Renault’s car factories, thousands of petrol stations in China, and Deutsche Bahn’s display panels are affected.

The main attack vector is an error in the SMB share file of Windows. A computer will be infected in a Conventional way then all the computers connected to the same network will be attacked through the same gap.

The good news: This gap have been since two months closed from Windows by an update.

The bad news: The use of outdated software prevents necessary updates.

Outdated software prevents updates

Most common cause, why a computer does not get an update is outdated software, which does not work under a current Windows. Unfortunately, Microsoft is changing major components of its operating system from version to version. also with the .NET Framework, the basis of many programs, Microsoft shows more changeable than it is useful for the economy.

This means that programs, which are no longer maintained by the manufacturer, have the choice between either plague and cholera. You should choose between the current updated Windows or the program. 

Deutsche Bahn had to choose between 

Deutsche Bahn would thus have had to choose between their display panels, which run only under the no longer maintained Windows XP. Or current Windows updates. They choosed the first one. The sequence as you know was: The encryption trojan has caught the computers of the display panels.

Are you using an old version of Act!?

Your Act! product also will be maintained only for a limited time. Is your maintenance phase already expired, then in the long term run some problems can occur with the new Windows features and .NET-Framework conversions. Therefore you have to update your Act! version at the end of the maintenance phase to an latest one.

More about the maintenance phase of Act!-version

With Act! in the software subscription on the safe side

You have two possibilities, upgrade your CRM-System to the latest Act! version.

  • You purchase a regular upgrade. You pay once for the upgrade and get updates for the regular maintenance phase.

But then you’ll face the same problem again. Therefore, we recommend the second option:

  • You complete a software subscription. You pay as long as you use act!. You’ll always have the latest Act! Version with all updates available. Your Act! Version runs easily on the latest Windows, which is regularly updated by Microsoft.

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And if you catch a Crypto Trojan?
Our services for data security

And if you catch a Crypto Trojan? Then you should have a current backup of your database, which the cryptotrojaner couldn’t have access to.

We are offering for this different services, from providing a remote maintenance with regular generation of database backups to the hosting of your database in a certified data center. Contact us!

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Do you have questions? 

Would you like to know more about Act! Software-subscription? Are you interested in our services concerning data security? Call us, we will advise you.

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