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To configure the PhoneSuite TAPI for Snom follow the steps below.

– Configured Snom IP phone compatible with the PhoneSuite TAPI driver
– Static IP address configured for the Snom IP-Phone in order to reduce issues in the future
– IP-Address of the Snom Phone
– Username and password for the admin interface (admin and no password per default)
– Installed PhoneSuite TAPI for snom

1. Open the „PhoneSuite TAPI for snom“ using the desktop Item or the shortcut in the windows start menu
2. Klick on „Konfigurieren…“
3. Double-click „snom Line 1“
4. In the tab „Verbindung“ enter the IP-Address of the phone (Configure HTTPS and port if needed, Port 80 and http should work for internal networks)
5. Enable „Authentifikation“ if you configured another username or password for the phone, leave it unchecket if it´s default
6. Click on „Test“ and make sure the info sais „OK“

7. Open the Tab „Aktions URL“
8. If your PC uses multiple network adapters select the apropriate IP address, else leave the default value.
9. Next to „Status“ click on „Start“
10. Click the „Windows-Firewall konfigurieren…“-button at the bottom half of the tab
11. Click on „Windows Firewall jetzt automatisch konfigurieren“
12. Wait for the configuration to finish (the command prompt window will open up and close)
13. Click on „Ok“ at the bottom of the window
14. Click „ok“ on the configuration window.

Your TAPI driver should now be configured and you can go on setting up the program you want it to use with (Dial|IT for instance).