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After a Repair I can’t access my database and get an error when I try to open the database list



Please notice that you have to do some changes at SQL Server.

We recommend to let a professional IT guy do the steps.


The issue:

If you start the database repair with act diag and act find a „critical issue“ you get a message that act need to put your database in „single user mode“. So if there is anything that is connected to the SQL database of act it will take the slot and nobody else could connect to the database.

So your repair will fail and you can’t even connect to your database through the clients.

If you try to open the Database list at „Actdiag“ you get the following error Message:



The Solution:

First SQL Management studio has to be installed.

(At the bottom of this entrance you could find the download links to the last three versions.)


  1. Start the„SQL Management Studio“and enter your SQL server. If you have the default installation with act you can enter it with the option „Windows Authentication“.
  2. If you expand the„Database“folder you can see that your Database is in Single User Mode.

3. Now you have to open a „New Query“

  1. At the new query enter the following commandsp_who2than Press Execute or just F5.
  2. You should see a List of all connections to your Databases. Now you have to search for all connections where „DBNAME“ is the same as your Act Databaseand look what„SPID“ they have.

  1. In my Example are the„SPIDs“ 52 and 55.Now you have to add the Kill command for this two connections to your query looks like this: Kill {spid}


Kill {spid}

Kill {spid}

In my Example:

Execute again with the button or F5

To make sure the connection is killed just execute it two times than you should receive an error message that there are no processes with the ID.


  1. Now please delete the sp_who2 and the Kill commands and enter the following

Alter Database Databasename     (Please enter for Database name the Name of your Database)

set multi_user;



In my Example:

If you receive an error, please jump back to step 5 as you may have a connection again.



After this Steps you should be able to connect to your database again through the Act Windows Client and with „actdiag“.


If you want to start the Repair again, please lock your database.

You could do this at the Act interface at Tools->Database Maintenance->Lock/Unlock Database… after you have the database locked you can start the repair again.


Download links for SQL Management Studio:

SQL 2008

SQL 2012 (Here you have to press download and choose the „ENU\x64\SQLManagementStudio_x64_ENU.exe“ or x86 if you have a 32 bit system).

SQL 2014 (Here you have to follow the same steps as above)