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You should follow the following instructions, when an Add-on installation is terminated with the following message:

„Another version of the product is already installed. The installation of this version could not continue. Please use the system control option „software“ to be able to configure or remove the existing version. 

The Add-on, in this case, is already installed or removed incorrectly. Please do the following for a manual uninstallation:

Please notice that in this example I’ll be using the „Dial|IT“ Add-on. Kindly follow the same steps with your Add-on

– Open the registry (Windows-Key+ R -> Type „regedit“ -> Enter)
– Go to the following point: „KEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Wow6432Node\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Uninstall“.
– Open the „Uninstall“ folder and press (Ctrl + F) to search for the Add-on
– Enter the add-on name you are looking for, in my case it would be „Dial | IT“
– A key should be found. Copy the name of this key, In my case it is „{14A657A8-E7AD-4A0B-923C-015990FE3027}“

You can close the registry now 

– Please open Windows command (Windows-Key+ R -> Type „cmd“ -> Enter)
– Enter here  „msiexec.exe /x (Insert the key here)“, So in my case it’ll be „msiexec.exe /x {14A657A8-E7AD-4A0B-923C-015990FE3027}“
– Press Enter.
– Please press „Yes“ to answer the question, Are you sure you want to proceed with the uninstallation.

The existing installation of the add-on should be deleted now and you can perform the installation again.