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If you have a problem with an older act version to work with our addons, it could have an issue with the Microsoft update dll datas.

So there are two sulotions:


1. Uninstall and Reinstall the SQL Server used by ACT! (If you uninstall your SQL and also your ACT! and reinstall Act it will also reinstall your SQL server)


2. Unistall and Reinstall ACT! if reinstalingl ACT! is no option for you please read the following suggestion.



If you use virtual machines to run ACT! with the addon you can „outsorce“ the Addon Task.


Step by Step:

1. Setup a new Maschine.

2. Install ACT! and the Addon on this machine.

3. Import your „services“ and the .pad datas on this machine. 

    If you dont know how to transfer import IT to a new PC/Server you can find a instruction here

4. Set the connetion to the pads you need in the addon and run the Task over this new machine.