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How to upgrade Act!2005 …ACT2011  to Act! v16.

You have a older ACT installed and want to upgrade to Act! v16 (in this Instruction we also have Dial|IT installed to show you how to Upgrade to the new Act! Version with 1 or more Addons installed)


1. Uninstall Addon (s)
Uninstall our Addon. Go to:

deinstallation step 1

deinstallation step 3

From now on follow our uninstallation Wizzard.

It is always a good Idea to check the path: C:\Program Files\ACT\Act for Windows\Plugins
if there are any folder of us left (these would be named CRMADDON)

2. After the successful uninstall of our Addons, uninstall Act!

uninstall step 4

Please Click on Change/Remove and proceed with the uninstallation.


3. After that step is done, extract the selv extracting Act.exe setup. It will be named like this, depending on the language version you have:
installation step 1

4. Extract it, but do NOT start the installation. 

installation step 2

Depending on the extraction path, go to this path and go to: 


Here you see the following files inside:

installation step 3

x64 is for 64 Bit Systems
x86 is for 32 Bit Systems

5. To check which OS Version you have go to the Windows search bar:

Search for: dxdiag

Open it and you will find the Operation System Information in it, if your OS is 64 or 32 bit.

5. Proceed with the Update of SQL2008R2 BEFORE you start the Act! installation.

Run the executeable and choose the following option to start:
A more detailed and technical guide on how to upgrade can be found here:

This page provides a complete document on how to upgrade. Have a look at it at Step: 3 Deliver => Upgrade

sql install

Follow the wizzard and choose the instance you want to update. 

After the installation is done proceed with the Act! installation.installation act

Click on „install“ and follow the wizzard.


act installation

After the installation is done, you can proceed with using Act! and installing our Addons.