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Registering Act! on a 64bit System:

To register Act! successfully on a 64 bit System you have to right click on the Act! (Desktop) Shortcut and run it as „administrator“. From here on it is possible to register your Act! as usual. Just follow the instructions.


Linking Act! with Office:

It is possible to run Act! on a 64bit System. The only thing you have to be careful with is, that Office should be a 32bit version, in order to work with Act!. Otherwise it is not possible to link Act! and Office.


Database Backup:

To generate a 100 percent working backup of your database, please make sure that the Database is not shared with other users at this moment. Please go to „Tools => Database Maintenance => disable Share Database“. After that you can go on and save your Database under „File => Back Up => Database“. After that, you have to enable Share Database again, to make sure everybody can connect to your Database.


Local reachable database for every client:

To make a local reachable database for every of your clients, create a new Folder on the server. Place your Database right there. Make sure that the Folder is open for your network (Right click on it, Properties, Sharing) and you gave enough rights for other clients so that they could read and write on it. After that just deploy the database.pad to each of your machines. That’s it!


Act! online Registration is not working:

Sometimes it is possible, that your Act! online registration is not working. This can happen, if you installed Act! several times and Act! blocked your Key to make sure nobody is abusing your licence. Just call the support hotline from Act!. They can activate your key again and you can proceed with the registration.


Installing Act! from a .iso file:

If it is a completely new Act! installation, you have several ways to install Act!.

– You can go with every iso mount program, mount the iso file and the autostart will go on. Just follow the installation process.  

– Also you can unpack the .iso file, e.g. with winrar, 7zip, winace, etc… and just start the „setup.exe“


Upgrading Act! to a new version:

If you want to upgrade Act! to a new version, first uninstall your current Act!. After that go to your .iso and search the SQL Folder. Make sure you upgrade to the new SQL Version first! After that you can go on with the Act! installation as usual.


Act! Diagnostics:

actdiag is a powerful tool with several options. For further and detailed information, please visit the Act!Diag user guide.


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