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ACT! is programmed in that way to push it self ito the front. As this is a good feature in ACT!, it unfortunaly takes the focus away from Windows that you are just working on like the History window.

You have 2 ways how to solve this

   1. you can place the windows next to each other, so they will not touch each other, this will take care that the history window is not disaparing

   2. use a function that we bult in, that will check frequently if the focus is still on the DIAL|IT Window so it will return the focus to the history window.

      This function can be configured under the Configuration | Addon Settings | Field Selection | Window handling.

      You can enable/Disable the function, and when you enable it, you can set a timer how often DIAL|IT should check if the window is on top of your applications (time in Milliseconds).

 As this function is still “in Development” we are looking forward to any feedback.