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You are using Act! for Web and you received an error Message from Act! like:

1. „Act! layout could not be located
2. „The file Basic Company Layout – 1024×768.aly could not be located. Please select a different layout at the bottom of the screen. For more information, see „Selecting layouts“ in the online Help. If this error continues to occur, inform your adminstrator.“

3. „The file xxxx could not be located…“

sometimes it also possible that you get nothing displayed but you dont see your Layout and you cant change to another layout.


This Problem can be fixed in 3 easy steps:


  • First Step: 

Login to your Act! Server. You need to login to the Server where the Database is deployed or where you have full rights to the path where the database is located!

  • Second Step:

Which Layout ever is corrupt, rename its name to Basic Company Layout – 1024×768.aly.OLD or move it out of the Template folder.

  • Third Step:

Close Act! and open it again.
Now Act! should take another layout Template and you wont have this error anymore.