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Why should the Act! Backup been used and not only the SQL Backup of the Database?

In addition to the main SQL files, the ACT! database includes a set of supplemental file for layouts, templates, documents, etc. that needs to maintain an integrated connection to the SQL protion of the database.

The SQL Backup does not contain all this files.

The ACT! backup includes all those files and maintains the integration when restored.

With the Act! Backup you can completly restore the Act! database with all settings,
layouts, templates etc. even if you chose/need to do the restore to a different system. 

3 important reasons why to use SERVICE|IT for running Act! Backups:

(1) Using the Backup function of SERVICE|IT you will be able to make automated backups in particular time or after particular task.

(2) After running an backup you will be informed by email if it was sucessfull or not

(3) With the FTP-Option you can store backups on your FTP server.