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We are pleased to announce that Act! v21.0 Update 7 is now available. This update applies to all regional versions of Act! v21 Pro, Premium and Web, and will apply automatically to new installations. Administrators can also use the Act! menu command Help > Act! Notifications to update an existing installation.


Issues Addressed


Update 7 addresses the specific Office Integration defect below:


  • D-08969 – Inbound/Outbound emails can be recorded into SQL even if the contact is not in the database.
    • This fix will prevent any further emails from automatically recording in SQL if the contact is not in Act!.
    • Performing a database Check and Repair will remove any of the orphaned SQL records which may have been previously created.
    • Note that this maintenance occurs automatically for our Cloud customers, and we recommend is regularly scheduled for all other users.

Additional Improvements


The update also includes two Marketing Automation changes, which improve both the performance and reliability of accessing the view:


  • B-12484 – AMA – Update API call
    • By changing how we authenticate with AMA each time it is accessed, the speed of accessing the feature is greatly improved.
  • D-09031 – AMA online check should not ping
    • When accessing the AMA view, we would previously ping to check whether the user had internet access. If this did not connect, we displayed an offline page.
    • If a customer had the ping utility and/or blocked in their network however, AMA would not work.
    • We have changed this check to instead perform a web request to the AMA URL which Act! is about to navigate to.
    • This scenario was covered on our February 2019 Product Showcase Call

There is no database schema update in this release.


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