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We are pleased to announce that Act! v21.0 Update 6 is now available. This update applies to all regional versions of Act! v21 Pro, Premium and Web, and will apply automatically to new installations. Administrators can also use the Act! menu command Help > Act! Notifications to update an existing installation.


New regional Marketing Automation servers


To support our new Act! Premium Cloud infrastructure in Australia, a new AMA server has also been introduced in the region. Additionally, a new AMA server has been added in Frankfurt, Germany. In conjunction with our existing UK platform, this allows us to better meet the data security requirements of European customers, and support any changes arising following Brexit on March 29th, 2019.


  • B-12447 – Add support for AU AMA server infrastructure
  • B-12482 – AMA – Add support for Germany server

Issues Addressed


Update 6 addresses the prioritized defects below:


  • D-04590 – Blank mail merge fields don’t collapse if there are two blanks together
  • D-08079 – Merge mail fields don’t collapse when blank
  • D-08220 – Mail Merge to printer gives error message
  • D-08471 – APFW – History filters reset when you navigate away from a page and return to it
  • D-08519 – Mini calendar view only displays the first 5 users
  • D-08539 – Mail Merge to email displays [[ACTFIELD_DELETE_ME]] for blank fields if the template contains text and at least one image
  • D-08663 – APFW – Cannot open email attached as Subject, Message and Attachments
  • D-08677 – Navbar customisations are lost after restarting Act!
  • D-08828 – Autosave not working in Companies
  • D-08832 – AMA – Dynamic Group membership does not work when criteria are saved
  • D-08837 – DE/FR – In a new database all 1024×768 layouts are missing translations
  • D-08890 – Mail merge – Email – Contact data is mixed up when two fields are placed on the same line and the first field is left blank
  • D-08923 – Creating lookup of single contact from List View changes the Edit Date
  • D-08924 – DE – Incorrect translation in window 6 of 9 (Record History of Received E-mails) of Email System Setup
  • D-08941 – APFW – Web integration uninstall deletes WebAPIURL; install does not recreate value

There is no database schema update in this release.


Additional Improvements


  • B-12003 – APFW – Add record count to status bar in Contact and Company List views
  • B-12173 – Windows – Allow ‚Create Lookup‘ from multiple selected groups
  • B-12479 – Re-purpose the 6 month survey to send an NPS survey