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We are pleased to announce that Act! v20.0 Update 9 is now available. This update applies to all International English versions of Act! v20.0 Pro, Premium and Web, and will apply automatically to new installations. Administrators can also use the Act! menu command Help > Act! Notifications to update an existing installation.


Licensing Component Update


Update 9 introduces our new Soraco licensing component for Act! v20.0 customers. This is the third deliverable on our path to replacing the previous Protexis licensing service being discontinued at the end of 2018. Further details can be found on our Important Notice for Act! Customers.


This update also provides a solution for German, French and Canadian French customers using our localized Act! v19.1 release. These customers will receive an upgrade to v20.0 allowing them to apply Update 9. The team remains on track to deliver the remaining 19.2 and 18.2 licensing updates over the coming weeks.


Please note that after applying Update 9, Act! may take a few seconds longer to open whilst it swaps out the existing product serial with a new one. This will only affect the first open of Act! after updating.


There is no database schema update in this release.


What Happened to Update 8?


Act! v20.0 Update 8 was created earlier this year to resolve a database issue affecting a very small number of customers. It was decided not to publicly release this due to the very specific nature of the fix, however as some customers do have it applied our subsequent update is being released as Update 9.