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TABLE|IT for Web

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In order to be able to work with TABLE|IT in the Act! for Web application you need the appropriate TABLE|IT for Web license including a valid Act! license. Feel free to contact our sales representatives if you have any questions.


In TABLE|IT for Web there is a number of features available like in the Windows version, with the exception of a few features of the Table Manager like creating and editing fields.


However, the look and usage may differ. That is why this chapter of the manual will talk in depth about the differences to the Windows version.


Find out more about TABLE|IT for Web:


Opening TABLE|IT for Web

How to: Define the column width for individual field types


TABLE|IT for Web tool bar


Data (web)

Export-Print (Web)

View Settings (Web)

Context menu column titles

Filtering (web)

Search (web)

View (web)

Editing mode (web)

Layout (web)