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DIAL|IT Manual


You have the possibility to activate the contact call from the view through this icon Phone icon.





You can also make a contact call by following the steps below.


1. click on contact or company detail view






2. After that, click on Tools and then on the CRMADDON Factory Addons menu.





3. select Dial|IT-ToDo's here.


DIALIT Kontaktanruf


Depending on whether you have just selected a company, a single contact with multiple phone numbers or with one phone number (in the group or contact view of Act!), a window will now either appear where you can decide on a phone number or the call will be started directly.


This is how the selection window looks like:




Click on the desired phone number in the upper part of the window. This will then be displayed at the bottom, along with the extension number if one is available. You have the possibility to update the phone number list at any time.


Reset button Function: ...


With the pin symbol in the right upper corner you cause that the window always comes to the front after some time, even if you minimize it for example.


You can also close the window again if you want.


To make the final call, click the Buttonmittel button that contains the phone number you have chosen.