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DIAL|IT Manual

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Call from clipboard

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You can reach the DIAL|IT contact list function via the view with this icon anruf in zwischenablage:






You can also find this function under the following steps:


1. click on contact or company detail view






2. After that, click on Tools and then on the CRMADDON Factory Addons menu.





3. After you have clicked on the CRMADDON Factory Addons menu, a new menu opens on the right. Select DIAL|IT Addon here and then DIAL|IT Clipboard .


Anruf von zwischenablage


4. The following window appears:


Fenster mit zwischenablage


You can enter a phone number here, which you then add to the currently selected contact or with which you then create a new contact. You can also save the phone number with an existing contact. If you select this option, this dialog will open:




In the upper left corner you have the option to display the current search or a group or company instead of All contacts. You can also enter individual search terms under Search for to find the desired contacts. You can add individual contacts to the selection by selecting them and clicking the Call from icon pfeil nach recht button. You can move all contacts in the contact selection by clicking on the call from zwei pfeile nach rechts button. You remove individual contacts from your selection with the call from pfeil nach links button and all contacts from your selection with a click on call from zwei pfeile nach rechts You also have the option to create a new contact. In the window that appears, enter all the data and then click OK.


Once you have made your selection and clicked OK, you will return to the previous window:


vorherige Fenster


Now select the phone number field and go to Save. The following window appears:


call now


After that you can still call the saved phone number if you want by clicking Yes. Otherwise go to No.


To call the number entered above, simply click the Call button.


With the pin icon in the upper right corner you cause the window to always come to the front after some time, even if you minimize it, for example.