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DIAL|IT Manual

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Available editions

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When purchasing a DIAL|IT license, you can choose between four different editions. The higher the edition, the more features are available.


The Basic Edition only works together with Skype, the Standard Edition only works together with a telephone system, the Advanced Edition works together with Skype and a telephone system and the Professional Edition is designed for call centers and has extended functionality.


Below you can see the comparison of each edition with each other and what the standard Act! dialer can do:





Act! Dialer





Headset usage (depending on the telephone system)

Easy customization of DIAL|IT toolbar in detail view and list view of contacts


Call a contact from the company detail view or from the company list view


Speed Dial/Direct Dial


Direct dialing with only one existing number


Call secondary contacts


Call from clipboard


Personal caller identification


Pop-up display with contact details on incoming call


Automatic display of contact details on incoming call


Automatic display of the last contact after ending the call


Internal/external prefix of numbers


History recording during the call


Creating an activity during the call


Display of scheduled calls as ToDo list and direct calling from it


Automatic activity scheduling/creation of a history for unanswered calls


Create a caller list


Add previously unknown numbers to existing contacts


Support TAPI interface

only in-depth


Call Skype contacts



Send SMS via Skype



Call with Skype




Sending email and report templates during a phone call





Add/remove contact from the group during the call





Create email schemes for different clients





Multi Company Dialing (multi-client capability)





Central DIAL|IT configuration






If you have any questions about choosing the right edition, we will be happy to advise you. You can contact our team at +49 8282 800400 or +43 720 881 701. You are also welcome to send us an e-mail (info on DIAL|IT editions) and we will call you back.