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With the addon IMPORT|IT for Act! you optimize your data transfer starting already with the Basic version. If desired you can create your own schemas which you can save securely using a password. Use the many additional features of the further editions. Create reports about the performed imports and never lose the overview.                        


You can also buy the module on its own on our product page.


If you need any help our Support is more than happy to help you.


Overview over all the IMPORT|IT functions:


Import into every Act! data record type

Avoidance of duplicates by using a Unique ID

Freely definable criteria for the data that is to be imported

Linking of contacts and companies

Supported formats: CSV file, Microsoft Excel, Microsoft Access, FoxPro, Act! 2008+, XML file, Oracle Server, Microsoft SQL Server, Paradox, My SQL Server, Microsoft Navision, ODBC connection

Import of data like histories, notes and activities and allocation to the corresponding contacts, groups, companies and opportunities with freely definable criteria for finding the related master data record

Creating activities for imported contacts and companies

Categorization of the imported contacts by dynamic or static group assignment

Automation with SERVICE|IT